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From To Monday, April 28
10.00 12.15    Vitamin D testing Everyone who wants to
know their 25(OH)D levels
can give a blood sample
10.00 11.30    Arrival and Registration    
11.30 12.15    Lunch
12.15 12.30    Welcome
12.30 13.00    History of Vitamin D
   Johan Moan (Norway)
13.00 13.45    UVB, vitamin D and cancer
William B. Grant (USA)
13.45 14.10    UVB radiation and vitamin D levels
Mantas Grigalavicius (Norway)
14.10 14.25 Break
14.25 15.10    The relevance of the vitamin D endocrine system for
   carcinogenesis and progression of skin cancer

   Jörg Reichrath (Germany)
15.10 15.55    Why it is enzymology that makes vitamin D so unique
   in nutrition and in endocrinology
Reinhold Vieth (Canada)
15.55 16.15 Break
16.15 17.00    Preventive measures to improve vitamin D status
   Armin Zittermann (Germany)
17.00 17.15    UVB, Vitamin D and autism
   William B. Grant (USA)
17.15 18.00    Mysteries of vitamin D or anecdotes about
   vitamin D and health
   Michael F. Holick (USA)
19.30 20.00 Aperitif 
20.00    Dinner/entertainment
From To Tuesday, April 29
08.30 09.15    Vitamin D, neurocognitive functioning and
Michael F. Holick (USA)
09.15 09.45    The sun shines differently at the Dead Sea
Marco Harari (Israel)
09.45 10.00 Break 
10.00 10.45    Vitamin D and cardiovascular disease
   Armin Zittermann (Germany)
10.45 11.30    Comparison of vitamin D2 and vitamin D3
   supplementation in raising serum 25(OH)D levels
Reinhold Vieth (Canada)
11.30 12.30 Lunch 
12.30 13.15    How to evaluate the conflicting results of various
   vitamin D studies
William B. Grant (USA)
13.15 13.45    The balance: vitamin D versus skin cancer
   Johan Moan (Norway)
13.45 14.30    UV exposure, vitamin D, and skin cancer- 
   how much sun do we need?
Jörg Reichrath (Germany)
14.30 14.50    Panel discussion: questions to the invited speakers
Asta Juzeniene (Norway)
14.50 15.00    Concluding remarks
Johan Moan (Norway)


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